Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Door Toran Exporter in India

Door Toran

Bhartiya Creations, We are the best manufacturer of door toran in india & delhi. and bulk supplier and exporter of door toran from india in all over world.

Toran: Toran तोरण also known as Bandanwar, refer to a decorative door hanging in Hinduism, usually decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, or a string that is tied on the door with the flower on it as a part of traditional Hindu culture on the occasion of festivals and weddings. A toran may feature colours such as green, yellow and red. They can be made of fabrics or metals which are usually made to resemble mango leaves. They also have other decorative features depending on the region.

History: The origin of torans can be traced to Puranas (Hindu mythological work). Torans are used to decorate the main entrance of the home. The main idea behind decorating the homes is to please and attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. These torans are the first thing that welcomes guests.

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