Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wedding Jaimala Exporter in India

Bhartiya Creations, We are the best manufacturer of Wedding Jaimala in india & delhi. and bulk supplier and exporter of Wedding Jaimala from india in all over world.

Jaimala: Jaimala is a wedding ritual in which, the bride and groom put fresh flower garlands into each other's necks, followed by exchange of gifts. The ceremony is not just the meeting of two souls, but is a union of two families, a merge of traditions, values and customs that make the entire wedding complete.

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  1. This matrimony type is considered low in status as compared to the Brahma matrimony, because here the girl is given less respect and her womanhood is degraded in a way. the parents of the bride, search for a Hindu groom, who is into sacrificial practises, preferably a priest. Here a particular time is waited till which the Hindu girl is supposed to get married.

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